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Hotels Tuscany Italy Cheap Tuscany Hotels Guide

Famous for its marvelous wines, incredible olive oil, wonderful rolling mountains and countryside. Friendly people all around that try to help if you just make that small effort to understand the local language. Italian is an emotive language and you can often get the meaning of a statement by the way it is said. No real help is needed to understand and see the history that abounds in this region. It is jam packed full of wonderful tourist attractions. From hill villages to incredible walled cities that have stood the test of time. When they were built it was for the local warlords to protect their people and their lands from assault. Now they fling the gates open wide to assault from us all as visitors in the most friendly manner. Nothing really can compare to the wonders of Tuscany, natural beauty and wonderful culture all around with food to die for. The local delicacies are wonderful steaks and for all you vegetarians out there, the local region is know for it bean eating. As you come closer to the coast the fish dishes become more available and wow do they ever know what to do with that. From old style salt cod to new and taste barbequed anchovies. How ever you like it it is all here for you. The cheap hotels in Tuscany below is one of the best selections available anywhere. I know you will love the area and we have chosen the hotels at the best prices that will make your dream holiday be a lasting memory.

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Small picture of Hotel Giusy
Rooms from 0.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.00 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.00

Via Medaglie d'Oro, 79
Lido di Camaiore

We welcome you warmly to our family run hotel in the heart of the Tuscan coastline. Viareggio is popular with families and couples and we provide that place of comfort and charm where you can totally relax and enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

Small picture of Boscolo Granducato
Rooms from 77.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.29 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.29

Via Tomerello 1

Exquisite place to stay deep in the natural environment of the Florentine countryside. We are delighted to offer you a most beautiful and refined place for that special and luxurious holiday away from it all. A warm welcome from dedicated and professional staff awaits all our guests.

Small picture of Locanda Le Boscarecce
Rooms from 145.00 EUR

Via Renai, 19

Welcoming you to the world of Massimo and Susannas at the Hotel Albion in the heart of Tuscany. Providing you with a warm and friendly place to stay with all the comforts of home and that little touch of luxury. Ensuite rooms that are fully equipped with optimum care and taste.

Small picture of Hotel San Michele
Rooms from 101.15 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.35 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.35

Via Guelfa, 15

Stylish and modern, set in the heart of Cortona in Tuscany. We offer a luxurious and charming place to holiday and from where you can explore the town, surrounding countryside and enjoy all the treasures of Italian living. We welcome you warmly.

Small picture of Hotel Restaurant Corys
Rooms from 124.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.29 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.29

Loc. Torreone 6

Select, stylish and small with the chance to spend quality time in the most beautiful surroundings in the Tuscan hills. Panoramic views of the countryside and all the charm and style imaginable. Sheer luxury and all the warmth and grace of Italian living as you relax and enjoy your holiday here.

Small picture of Hotel Castri
Rooms from 157.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.70 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.70

P.zza Indipendenza, 7

Splendid spot to base yourself in the heart centre of our cultural and delightful city of Florence. We are just a short walk from the Congress Hall and the Exhibition area - perfect for those on business and wishing to attend trade fairs and important meetings and conferences.

Small picture of Hotel Aline
Rooms from 30.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.86 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.86

Via Ventisette Aprile, 14

A warm welcome to our budget hotel in the heart of Florence. Providing affordable and comfortable accommodation for those who wish to view the city and all its charms. Just a short walk to the Santa Maria Railway Station and the Academy of Fine Arts - perfect for sight seers.

Small picture of Hotel Tony
Rooms from 85.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.14 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.14

Via Carducci, 7
Lido di Camaiore

We are situated in a quiet and peaceful location in the seaside resort of Lido di Camaiore along the beautiful Versilia coastline. Proud to have a long tradition of receiving, welcoming and caring for guests and ensuring you have a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday with us.

Small picture of Da Elisa Alle Sette Arti
Rooms from 45.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.70 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.70

Via Elisa 25

Choose to have a relaxing holiday in Lucca, in pleasant surroundings and with a team of staff who will take very good care of you. Here at the Elisa we feel sure you will settle in to our 19th century lifestyle - with elegance, style and comfort.

Small picture of Affitta Camere Centro Storico
Rooms from 89.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.15 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.15

Corte Portici, 16

Situated in the old part of town in the beautiful and arty centre of Lucca. We are delighted to treat you to our super bed and breakfast where you immerse yourself in Italian living and comfort. We are in front of San Michele - a warm welcome awaits.

Small picture of Holiday Inn Pisa Migliarino
Rooms from 45.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.90 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.90

S.S Aurelia km 342

Fabulous facilities and located just on the outskirts of Pisa. We are close to the beautiful San Rossore pine woods, the beach of Marina di Vecchiano with easy access to the motorway and just a short distance from the airport. A warm and friendly atmosphere in true Italian style awaits you.

Small picture of Palazzo Mannaioni
Rooms from 68.80 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.10 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.10

Via Marconi 2

Immerse yourself in the Tuscan countryside for a really special holiday where you can totally relax and unwind. There is a special style here and all the elegance and serene living you can have for a dreamy destination. Palacial ensuite rooms and a refined and friendly atmosphere.

Small picture of La Fornella
Rooms from 750.00 EUR

Via Campicuccioli 20/A

Fabulous location, situated just 18 km from the art filled city of Florence and set in the very heart land of Tuscany. A warm welcome awaits our guests who undoubtedly visit our establishment for a much needed relaxing retreat away from it all. Immerse yourself in nature and relax.

Small picture of La Pace
Rooms from 39.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.90 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.90

di Romanelli Andrea & C.

Situated in the centre of the vibrant city of Pisa near to the railways station and only 6 mins (2.5 kilometres) from the airport by taxi. Fashionable as well as thoroughly appointed ensuite rooms which are developed with your own ease and comfort foremost in mind.

Small picture of Hotel Di Stefano
Rooms from 100.00 EUR

Via S. Apollonia, 35

Situated in a quiet part of town, we present our comfortable and charming establishment. Fully equipped and modern ensuite rooms that provide you with a place of rest. A warm and friendly welcome awaits you and our helpful staff will ensure you have a very pleasant stay with us.

Small picture of Casa Lari
Rooms from 140.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.60 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.60

Loc Pancole. San Gimignano
San Gimignano

Superb choice as you decide to stay in Casa Lari where you can enjoy total independence and free style. Located on the hilltop with fabulous views to the Apennines this makes an idyllic and romantic spot for that special holiday or few days away in the Tuscan countryside.

Small picture of Antica Dimora
Rooms from 72.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.05 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.05

Loc. San Donato
San Gimignano

Beautiful location just 4 km from Sienna, we are in the medieval town of San Gimignano - where once stood some 72 towers. A peaceful and tranquil location where you can spend a few quality days and nights and totally relax here at the Antica Dimora.

Small picture of Hotel Tirrenia
Rooms from 60.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.50 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.50

Via S. Martino 23

We welcome you warmly to our friendly and charming establishment in the heart of Viareggio - the most delightful and family orientated seaside resort. Excellent for families and couples who enjoy true Italian living, music, concerts and festivities. All our ensuite rooms are lovely and comfortable.

Small picture of Hotel Villa Tina
Rooms from 80.10 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.40 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.40

Via Saffi, 2

We are ideally located in the centre of the seaside resort of Viareggio, along the promenade and close to the beach and city centre. Perfect for nature lovers and those who simply want to make the most of all worlds. A warm welcome awaits all our guests.